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Looking to the Future

Professor Bellamy shares his third and final post in this blog here:

In my previous posts, Encountering a Problem: How to Treat Unclean Water in Haiti and The Solution to Unclean Water: Educating the Community, I have shared both the problems and possible solutions we have encountered when it comes to treating unclean water in Haiti.  So far, we are optimistic about our current solutions.  As discussed earlier, water treated through reverse osmosis has been the most trusted in Haiti. However, we have found that certain groups have been able to sell chlorinated water if it is priced right.We believe the laboratory Poverty Resolutions built for the high school will serve our purpose in educating the community about proper water treatment techniques. Determining the total costs of selling chlorinated water as well defining our goals is essential to the future success of the business.

Over the next year, we are trying to figure out how much money it will cost us to treat the water. We want the selling price of the water to be low enough that everyone can afford it. However, it must be high enough to provide enough of a profit so that a Haitian can make a living selling chlorinated water.

Our goals are to (1) train Haitians to run the business, (2) give loans to Haitians to start water-treatment businesses, (3) replicate the businesses throughout Haiti as the people re-pay the loans, and (4) inspire other groups to replicate the project in other developing countries.

We are very grateful to the help from Matt and the others at Poverty Resolutions. We are counting on their help to do this project.