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Joy in the Journey


I remember very vividly….
It was 3 years ago when Haiti took my husband away. We were standing next to the mini van saying goodbye as tears streamed down my face. I had no clue if I was going to see him again. I was 3 months pregnant with our 2nd child, scared to be on my own and knowing I was in a helpless spot if anything were to go wrong. I began asking questions…is this safe? Is this where God is calling Matt? Should he really be doing this? The man I loved was leaving to fulfill a goal of capturing what true poverty is. I was beyond proud of him and excited to finally get word that he was safe and on his way to a life changing experience. (You can read more about his journey at

He fulfilled his mission not knowing where it would take him.  Upon returning to the states he and his brother started an organization… Poverty Resolutions. This small non profit started out as a thought and a dream and became reality! In 2010 he was able to work full time for the organization building revenue and supporting orphanages, churches and small businesses.

In the summer of 2012 I began contemplating my role with Poverty Resolutions. I knew God have given me passions and desires to help the needy. I never dreamed he would actually take me there!  On one spring day I had a thought about Haiti.  I began to get stressed and anxious… is this safe? Is this where God is calling us? Should we really do this?

Out of the blue, 3 days later my husband said,  “What if we all, including the 2 girls spend a few weeks in Haiti serving together?”
I kind of knew this was coming since I felt like the Lord was already preparing my heart a few days beforehand.
I was very reluctant but I said “yes!”

We spent 6 weeks serving at an orphanage in Williamson, Haiti, maintaining the grounds, setting up for the missions trips and getting to know the little children.  It was an amazing experience for the girls and me  We finally had a glimpse of why Matt was so passionate. The girls still talk about all the fun times they had there!

While in Haiti we got word our “dream” house, that we were supposed to close on was not happening. We had worked all the details out to buy the perfect home right after we returned from our trip.  It was so disappointing not knowing where we would live upon coming home.  Fortunately we found a small apartment to rent, not the safest part of town but a home none the less.  Matt continued to work for the organization and the girls and I went on our daily routines.

A few months down the road we became pregnant with our third.  We were so happy and thrilled that life was looking good. A few weeks later we had a miscarriage. again feeling so depressed that life was just not going the way WE planned.

Another month passed and just when we started to wonder what God planned for us, someone approached us from church saying he had an opportunity in Haiti. It was a full time job helping run a few small businesses dealing with solar energy. The only problems were that we had about 3 weeks to rent our apartment, move our stuff to storage, say goodbye to everyone and move out of the country. We were excited and in TOTAL shock… is this safe? Is this where God is calling us? Should we really do this? You would think after the third time of asking theses questions I would have been confident in our calling 🙂

SO, today January 29th I sit in my tiny family room in Port-au-Prince, Haiti writing my first blog about why and how we got here. It has been a roller  coaster in these past 3 weeks of living here, but I feel more peace about our life then ANY other place thus far. The Lord provided a perfect housing situation where the girls are able to play outside and truly enjoy their new life in Haiti. I know our journey has not ended and I’m striving to understand its all about what we learn along the way not about finding the end.

These questions of “is it safe, is this where God is calling us? Should we really do this?”
YES, YES, YES is the answers I received loud and clear….

Follow where you feel called even though you may never know the answers…….

Please stop back again as I share about our new adventures!




Moving Forward in 2013

Matthew Jones, along with his brother Andrew, founded Poverty Resolutions in 2010. Since that time, he has played an integral role in the day-to-day operations of the organization. Recently, Matt has been presented with a great opportunity to contribute to the development of Haiti on a large scale. In January, he will be moving to Haiti to work full-time as a project manager to bring solar power and recycling programs to Haiti. Although he will be working for another company, Matt will still be involved with Poverty Resolutions. He is excited about the potential to learn, make connections, and help our organization continue to grow and meet the needs of the Haitian people.

Matt will be joined by his wife, Jackie, and two girls, Abigail and Hannah. Last summer, they lived together for six weeks while carrying out projects at the House of Hope Orphanage north of Port-au-Prince. They now look forward to the challenges of living long-term in Haiti.

With Matt’s departure, Andrew Jones, with the help of Sean Griffin (Program Manager), will be taking on the responsibilities of managing Poverty Resolutions’ operations in the US and leading projects in Haiti. In 2013, we have a number of projects planned, with highlights including the expansion of our microfinance program and the construction of a home for teen mothers.

For questions regarding the transition or our plans for 2013, feel free to email [email protected]