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Win A Free Volunteer Trip To Haiti

During the month of May, you have the chance to win a free trip to Haiti with Poverty Resolutions. To be eligible, become a monthly donor of $10 or more by May 31.

This month, Poverty Resolutions is running a fundraising campaign with the goal of raising $5,000 in new monthly donors. If we reach our goal, we will select 5 monthly donors to join us for free on one of our volunteer trips to Haiti.

Over the last three years, Poverty Resolutions has carried out a number of projects to alleviate poverty in Haiti. Watch a video of some of the work we did last summer. We have also worked to educate students here in the US and inspire them to take action. This year, we anticipate the students we have delivered presentations to and partnered with from elementary school to college will raise over $50,000 to support our work in Haiti. Students are getting involved and truly making a difference. Now it’s your turn.

In order to continue our work to combat poverty in Haiti and spread awareness to youth in the US, we need your support. Become a monthly donor today to ensure that we can continue our efforts.

For more information about this campaign, email [email protected]