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Non-profit Organization Needs Diapers and Formula Donated for Orphans in Haiti

Poverty Resolutions plans on launching a new campaign that will help contribute towards the orphans in Haiti. Currently in Haiti, when infants and young children are put into an orphanage, there is not enough supply for the infants to be fed the way they should be. Obviously, since they are without their mother, breastfeeding is not an option. This means that formula is a necessity, and without it infants in these orphanages will suffer. The new campaign that Poverty Resolutions plans to launch is a “Diapers and Formula” drive. They are asking people to send in formula or diapers to the Poverty Resolutions office, or to find local companies that have agreed to set up a donation box at their business. As businesses agree to set up donation boxes, there will be a place on the Poverty Resolutions website that will list these businesses so people will know where to go to drop off supplies.

For those that may not be familiar with the consumption of formula and the amount of diapers that babies go through, this will help break down the numbers and show the need there is in Haiti. On average, a baby will consume about 2-6 ounces, every 2-3 hours. A 24-ounce can of formula lasts a baby about four or five days. Also on average, a baby will dirty anywhere from five to ten diapers a day. Looking at these numbers and realizing that this is just for one newborn, the amount of supplies orphanages need is of great magnitude.

Poverty Resolutions is partnered with an orphanage in Haiti called Mission of Grace. This orphanage has twenty kids under the age of twenty. Just recently, Poverty Resolutions built an area for the young orphans to play in since there are so many children there. The need for diapers and formula is so important in Haiti because the orphans are without their mothers, donations help save the orphanage money, and it allows every baby to receive the nutrition and care that is essential while they are little.

If you are interested in donating supplies or having your business provide a place for a donation box, please contact Poverty Resolutions. Consider donating today to help the orphans in Haiti. Help spread awareness by telling your friends, family, church group, or organization. Make a difference today.