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Hurricane Matthew Update #2

img_0740In the aftermath of Hurricane Matthew, many have been reaching out to us and asking how they can help. After taking a week to assess the situation on the ground, we wanted to write to our supporters.

The devastation wrought by Hurricane Matthew is vast. In countless cases, homes were badly damaged or completely destroyed. Much of the livestock owned by Haitian farmers was simply carried away by the wind and floods, as were any crops they had labored to produce. In many places, the drinking water is contaminated, increasing the risk of the spread of cholera. Bridges and roads were washed away and southern Haiti’s access to food has become extremely limited.

While we are heartbroken over the decimation of Haiti, Poverty Resolutions is not a relief organization. We specialize in community engagement, child development, providing skill training, discipleship, and community engagement. However, we care deeply about the struggles the Haitians are now facing and desire to use the relationships we have built throughout Haiti to effectively provide post-hurricane support.

We believe in working with the local community and in partnering with Haitian-run organizations to impact communities directly. To that end, we have decided to partner with several local organizations to be most effective. We are still looking into several ways to help, but we are moving forward with a few partners and wanted to begin our fundraising efforts.

We have decided to partner with a missionary who works under the umbrella of MEBSH (The Evangelical Baptist Mission of South Haiti), a consortium of 400+ churches that are mostly located in the devastated region. We know and trust the MEBSH team, and are confident they will best be able to assess the current needs and make wise decisions regarding distribution of relief funds.

We are also connected to missionaries who are active in Plaisance. They are high up in the mountains and have experienced tremendous damage to homes and other buildings, as well as significant loss of crops and other food sources. These folks run an orphanage and a medical clinic, and one of their primary concerns is the lack of available food.

Will you consider joining us as we seek to provide relief to the tens of thousands of Haitians affected by Hurricane Matthew? The funds we receive towards relief efforts will be used to support these urgent needs. If you’d like to contribute, please visit

Thank you, in advance, for your generosity. Thank you, as well, for your continued prayers for the people and nation of Haiti. As we move forward in support of these partners, all of our own projects and programs in Arcahaie continue as well. Please continue to keep Haiti, our staff, and the work there in your thoughts and prayers.

With care,

The Poverty Resolutions Team

Hurricane Matthew Update

Many of you have expressed concern for Haiti in the wake of Hurricane Matthew. Thank you for your interest in, and thoughts and prayers for, the well-being of those we serve. We want to send out an update, as well as ask for continued prayers, as many in Haiti are suffering greatly from the hurricane’s effects.

We want to praise God for sparing our area, Arcahaie, just north of Port-au-Prince; it was not hit as hard as many other areas. There were no deaths or serious injuries in our community. However, we are deeply concerned for the people whom Hurricane Matthew hit most directly. Please see the maps below.






The BBC is reporting that 30,000 homes in Sud (South) Province were destroyed and that death tolls are already above 400. More than 80% of the buildings in Jeremie, a southern coastal town, have been destroyed. Perhaps one of the greatest problems is that two bridges are out, making many of the hardest hit areas unreachable. 

Haiti : carte d'impact de l'ouragan Matthew sur le sud ouest du pays // impact map of the hurricane Matthew on soutwestern Haiti

As an organization, we are considering how we can most effectively help. We have sent a driver and our pickup truck to Port-Au-Prince to help transfer supplies to the region. At this time, we do not want to send teams and cause an undue burden on a system that cannot even feed those who have survived. Specifically, we are thinking about sending a team of medical personnel (from Haiti internally) and helping with food supplies for those who lost their crops and homes during the storm. Andrew will be leaving for Haiti on Tuesday to assess the situation more closely.

We have good relationships with several missionary families in Haiti, and we are investigating the possibility of funneling any relief funds we receive for this effort directly through them, since they already know the people and their needs in their immediate communities. When more information becomes available, we will send out another update.

Please continue to pray for the people of Haiti.