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Child Development Program

IMG_0952A desire to keep families together and support the community bore the child development program, which is designed to provide a safe, developmentally appropriate environment for dozens of local children to learn and grow. Many of Haiti’s orphans are considered “economic orphans” – meaning they have at least one living parent, but that parent cannot afford to keep the child. Our program allows the parent to work while their kids are being cared for.

The first stage of the program will be childcare – providing an experience that promotes every child’s social, cognitive, emotional, physical, and spiritual development. Many of Haiti’s children are left IMG_1172unattended during the day and, as a result, are lacking in some areas of development; their parents do not have the time or resources to devote to them since their primary concern is being able to provide the basic necessities to sustain life. Children will be fed and cared for and, as the children grow, an education will be provided as well. We also plan to implement monthly home visits by our staff in order to foster involvement in the life of the entire family.



IMG_0290Edrile Calice is a 3-year old little boy who lives behind the Poverty Resolutions property with his mom, dad, 2 sisters, and 7 brothers! Since he is not in school yet, he spends his days playing with his brothers. He likes anything that involves running around, but especially soccer.


IMG_0304 (1)Luciana Durinaud is a shy 3-year old little girl who enjoys watching people. She is the youngest of 5 children, and is the only girl! Her father is a carpenter and her mother has a small stand outside their house where she sells things. Luciana is not in school, but does attend church with her family.


By sponsoring children like these, you would be enabling them to participate in our child development program where they would be lovingly cared for during the day. They would head home at the end of each day with a full belly and the knowledge that they are ultimately able to go home to be with their families.   E-mail [email protected] for more information on sponsoring a child.