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Child Sponsorship

We are very thankful for your willingness and heart to sponsor a child. With your sponsorship, the child will grow tremendously over the years in many ways.
  • Physically they will be getting a full meal each day which will help them grow and become healthy.
  • Their family will be very thankful since each time their child is sick, the child can get the care they need at our onsite medical clinic.
  • The child will be provided with shoes and clothing.
  • The child will be enrolled in school where their knowledge and passion for learning will grow.
  • The child’s spiritual faith will also be cultivated as they learn more each week about Jesus and grow to love Him.
None of this would be possible without your sponsorship. We are very thankful for your willingness to walk alongside a child in this way and help them grow into the God loving individual that we hope they will continue to want to be. 
Fully Sponsored

Darlincia Pierre

Age: 3

Darlincia loves everyone!

Darlincia was born on January 23, 2016 in Boisneuff, where she lives with her mother and two older sisters. Her father recently moved to Chile where there are better job opportunities, and her mother is currently looking for a job. She walks to local gardens and speaks to farmers, hoping to find work while the girls are in school in order to provide for them.
Darlincia loves everyone and is a very happy child. She dances whenever she hears music; she also likes to explore her environment and to play with her shoes. Darlincia is a child who likes to be held. She attends church with her mom and sisters each week.