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Poverty Resolutions' Orphan & Family Care Center, located in Arcahaie, Haiti

Orphan & Family Care Center

Arcahaie has many struggles, such as pervasive poverty, endemic voodoo, rampant disease, and broken families. We desire to see the community around our mission site permanently transformed by the light of the gospel, coupled with economic opportunity.

Located on our property in Arcahaie, Haiti, this 4,000 square-foot house is the center of our Haitian programs, including youth development, child development, agriculture, medical care,  disciple making, sewing classes, and English classes.

Discipleship, skill training, and concentrated care can have a life-altering effect on the lives of the people of Haiti. This orphan & family care center is a place where we can provide all of those services, designed to help break the cycle of poverty and make an impact on God’s Kingdom.


IMG_0360During the summer of 2015 we hired several masons to build the wall around our property in Haiti. One of the masons, Kerl, got to know our Haitian employees. He watched as Isaac used shade houses to grow unfamiliar and off-season crops. He asked Isaac for help with his own farm; Isaac began to teach him how to grow and Kerl is now successfully growing green peppers, cabbage, and okra and has attended our Bible study.