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The Presidential Palace in Port-au-Prince, after sustaining significant earthquake damage.

Our Story

In 2010, the nation of Haiti was rocked by a devastating earthquake. Based on the existing infrastructure and economy of Haiti, many believed that it would take many, many years for Haiti to recover. With hearts bent toward helping those in need, Andrew and Matthew Jones felt called to do something, but they didn’t want to simply react to the earthquake. Rather, they wanted to attack the systemic poverty underlying the inability to recover from a natural disaster and help create lasting, sustainable change. But first, they had to learn, understand and relate.

One of the first things they learned was that more than 50% of Haitians live on $1 per day. Matt, Andrew, Chris, and Jon decided to do the same. They travelled to Port-au-Prince, Haiti, to live in solidarity with the people they would eventually work alongside. For twenty-eight days, these four Americans lived in a tent city of earthquake refugees, each surviving on $1 per day. Their experience wasn’t just about hunger, hygiene or living in the elements. It was about understanding poverty, building relationships and personally living outside of one’s comfort zone.

After observing and experiencing firsthand the extreme situations in which people live, Matt and Andrew founded Poverty Resolutions, personally resolving to raise awareness of worldwide poverty, to inspire others to action, and to make a sustainable, lasting impact in Haiti.

“One Dollar Poverty”

In 2010, this was home for Matt, Andrew, Chris and Jon while living on $1 per day for 28 days.

One in six people worldwide live on less than $1.25 per day. Half of all Haitians live on less. These staggering statistics are very meaningful to Poverty Resolutions. In 2010, after the Haiti earthquake, over one dozen individuals traveled to Haiti in order to learn and experience life on the ground there, network with humanitarians equipped to help Haitians, and then later educate Americans about poverty and the situation in Haiti.

Matt, Andrew, Chris and Jon spent 28 days living in solidarity with earthquake refugees in a Port-au-Prince tent city, each surviving on $1 per day. They set guidelines in order to accurately mirror the Haitians who have no choice but to live in that situation.

The Rules:

  • Spend only $1 per day on food, supplies and drinking water
  • Live in a Haitian tent city with one blanket or sheet
  • No toiletries: no toothpaste, no deodorant, no soap
  • Cannot accept food from Haitians
  • Two sets of clothes per person
  • No laundry facilities

Their experience was recorded as all four were filmed and photographed. Those 28 days were a transformative experience, as much was learned and connections were made. Though Poverty Resolutions existed prior to this trip, the experience was indeed a launching point for the organization.

Watch the trailer now:

Click here to watch the full 28-minute documentary.

Poverty Resolutions, Inc., is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization registered in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania with EIN #27-1895442.