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Anyone can participate in the fight against global poverty.

Poverty Week

As an initiative of Poverty Resolutions, Poverty Week is an opportunity to educate and promote awareness of worldwide poverty in your own community. By organizing a Poverty Week for your family, school, organization, church, civic group or community, you will be contributing to the fight against global poverty.

Poverty Week is whenever you want it to be. It can be a week, a day or even just a class period, a meeting or an event. Everything you do can have an impact.

We can help you with ideas and provide any information you need for your Poverty Week. Poverty Resolutions has developed a variety of educational materials and resources for lessons, presentations, activities and events.

A few basic ideas are as follows:

  • Screen our documentary film “One Dollar Poverty” to help others see what it’s like to live on a dollar a day in Haiti, then discuss the themes of the film.
  • Teach a lesson related to poverty, hunger or promoting activism.
  • Organize a fundraiser and donate the proceeds to combat poverty in the developing world.

Poverty Week was developed to fulfill the educational component of our mission. As part of our goal to eradicate worldwide poverty, we educate Americans in order to increase awareness of global poverty and to inspire others to take action.

Start planning your own Poverty Week today!