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Matt is starting an elementary school presentation. These are a lot of fun!


A key part of Poverty Resolutions’ mission is to educate and raise awareness about worldwide poverty. One of the main ways we fulfill this aspect of our mission is through public and private presentations.

We have presented to schools (kindergarten through university level), civic groups, Chambers of Commerce, senior centers, churches, businesses and many others. Our presentations combine statistical information with personal stories, videos, and images based on our own experiences. Worldwide poverty, culture and our work in Haiti are several of the themes of our presentations. We often highlight past projects, what we’ve learned through our experiences and the direction that current projects are moving.

While education and awareness are key goals of all presentations, we are thrilled when those who have experienced a presentation are interested in supporting Poverty Resolutions through a one-time financial gift, ongoing financial donations, advocating and educating on our behalf to their own personal network, or even visiting Haiti on one of our trips.

Contact us if you’d like to know more about our presentations or if you are interested in having us speak to your group. We’d love to meet you and share our story with you!

Click here to watch a clip from one of our presentations.