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Residential Youth Sponsorship

The Residential Youth Program sponsorship supports the following for the youth involved:

  • Housing and meals
  • Clothing & shoes
  • Bible study and discipleship
  • English language classes
  • Life skills
  • Job skills training
  • Education
  • Medical Care
Fully Sponsored

Olson Erelien

Age: 19

Olson does attend church and enjoys it very much.

Olson, also known as Itan, was born on July 16, 1999 in Arcahaie, Haiti. This year he will begin 7th grade. He is currently interested in agriculture and construction and has been told by many that he has a great mechanical mind. He loves to play basketball.

His father passed away and he does not see his mother much. He has five brothers and five sisters. Now that he is in the Youth Development Program, he lives on-site and is able to participate in all the programs that the YDP offers. He does attend church and enjoys it very much.

Olson is a very big help on the Poverty Resolutions property and jumps in whenever needed. He helps clean the upstairs of the house, looks after Pastor Samuel’s pigs and waters the flowers with our gardener. Olson has a gentle soul and loves Jesus with all his heart!