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Residential Youth Sponsorship

The Residential Youth Program sponsorship supportsĀ the following for the youth involved:

  • Housing and meals
  • Clothing & shoes
  • Bible study and discipleship
  • English language classes
  • Life skills
  • Job skills training
  • Education
  • Medical Care
Fully Sponsored

Watson Louis Jeune

Age: 22

Watson is passionate about soccer, working hard and reading the Bible. He enjoys relaxing in the shade, visiting the public beach and eating his favorite food spaghetti.

Though his parents are still living, they do not live together. Watson has two brothers and one sister who live with his father. Watson was the only one that lived with his mom, and she couldn't afford to take care of him. Growing up physically different from most people has been extremely difficult for Watson. At age 14, prior to joining our Youth Development Program, Watson went to an orphanage in order to learn skills and go to school.
Watson has completed an 8th grade level of education. Through the Youth Development Program, he hopes to learn mechanical skills and electrical skills. He would like to one day be an electrician and also work in a garage fixing cars. He loves when teams come to Haiti so that he can learn from them. He goes by the nickname PePe. His a natural entertainer and loves to sing and play the guitar and piano. He is also the jokester of the group and can be often found doing gymnastics on the front porch.