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There are countless images to capture in Haiti...and then post to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram!

Social Media

We love telling our stories in face-to-face meetings, but the Internet allows us to reach more people than we could imagine meeting in person. Twitter, Facebook and YouTube are standard means of communication for Poverty Resolutions.

  • Facebook—We now have around 10,000 followers who read our updates, learn about upcoming trips, view photos, and watch our latest videos. Facebook also helps us pull together volunteers when needed and push out important information. Like us on Facebook today!
  • Twitter—Frequency and brevity help us put succinct snippets of information out to our thousands of followers.
  • YouTube—Online video has broadened our reach and helped push our communications in new directions. Hundreds of thousands of viewers have watched our crazy, awareness-raising videos, our 28-minute short documentary, and everything in between.

Check us out online to stay informed about worldwide poverty, upcoming events, Haiti trips and general Poverty Resolutions information.