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Church Glorious of the New Jerusalem - a brand new church started by the Poverty Resolutions Haitian staff

Spiritual Development

Our aim is to combat hopelessness and pervasive fear, to spread the Gospel, and to improve the spiritual health of the community. To have the greatest impact, we focus on Bible studies and making disciples.

Early in the fal12887329_10156674280815721_1180943927_ol of 2015, our Haitian staff started a weekly Bible study in the community. Then, in 2016 they started a church on our property, which averaged 70 attendees over the first couple of weeks. Evidence of the work God has been doing in the lives of these people through the Bible study and the church can be seen in the 15 people that were recently baptized!

Our plan is to implement and host a pastor training course that offers 4 IMG_0419seminars over the course twelve months. Many Haitian pastors are laymen, having never received any formal training, and it is our hope that we will be able to provide them with greater knowledge of the Bible, as well as the encouragement and refreshment they need in order to effectively shepherd their flocks.