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Sometimes the road less traveled makes all the difference.


tori“Going to Haiti this past summer with Poverty Resolutions was the best trip I have ever been on. Poverty Resolutions is doing some amazing things and it’s cool to see the relationships they have developed with the people. For example, I remember walking down the street in Port-au-Prince and a family came outside their door yelling Andrew’s name down the road. Seeing Andrew interact with the family was awesome because he had obviously meant something to them and had formed a relationship with them over the years. My favorite part of the trip was spending time with the kids. These children have so much joy and make it impossible to not love them. There was one girl in particular that I grew close to while there, and it was so cool being able to develop a relationship with her. I’m really excited to be able to go back this summer and see her again.”
Tori Cardone, high school student

colleen“What a privilege it was to have our entire family (all eight of us) join with Poverty Resolutions to serve in Haiti last May. It was an incredible life-changing week for all of us. Andrew and Matt organized ways that we could ALL contribute with our variety of skills and talents including: construction projects, heavy lifting, leadership and business training, teaching, playing with the children, medical observation, etc. We were refreshed each evening with a meal, a gorgeous view, and a group time of fellowship. Everyone who came on the trip ended the day by sharing their experiences and praying for one another. We are so excited about how Poverty Resolutions has joined God’s work in Haiti and look forward to returning again next May.”
Colleen Rodgers, adult volunteer/parent

bill“In the summer of 2013, our team of 25 partnered with Poverty Resolutions for a short-term trip to Haiti. If you are looking for an organization that will do all the behind the scenes work to make sure your opportunity is a success, I highly recommend teaming up with Poverty Resolutions. Join them in the adventure and be prepared to have lasting impact both in Haiti and at home.”
Bill White, youth pastor

faith“Our family has traveled with Poverty Resolutions to Haiti twice. The experience was life changing. While there our team completed projects that can benefit Haitian children for years, such as: building a basketball court for an orphanage and putting finishing touches on a tilapia farm. While in Haiti, we interacted with Haitians of all walks of life—kids at the orphanage, school teachers, farmers, pastors, people who sold items at the marketplace booths. Our interactions with them enriched our experiences and our lives. We enjoyed so many adventures like touring downtown Port-au-Prince, riding by motorcycle to a mountain top village, riding on donkeys, shopping at a village market, fishing from a Haitian skiff. Our team built camaraderie during evenings at Ocean View where we played games, shared stories of our days, and read the Bible and prayed together. We appreciate Andrew and Matt who looked out for us every minute: planning our travels, making sure we were safe and comfortable, and facilitated our work so that we could share God’s blessings with the Haitian people.”
Faith McDonald, Penn State instructor

rick“I had the opportunity to go to Haiti with Poverty Resolutions in July 2013. From the first meeting, I could see the passion that this organization has for the people of Haiti.  Their passion is evident in the trips they plan, the projects they work on, and the relationships that they have formed.  They handled all the details of the trip so that I could simply enjoy serving Christ while I was there. Poverty Resolutions is making a major impact in Haiti and in the lives of the people they take on their trips!  They run a great trip for a great price, and more importantly for a great cause! I look forward to our future trips with this great organization.”
Rick Barry, youth pastor