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Trips Overview

Poverty Resolutions partners with several Haitian ministries and organizations to offer affordable trips helping introduce (or re-introduce) people to Haiti and offering opportunities to serve in support of our projects. Much like the mission of Poverty Resolutions, our Haitian partners are focused on improving the lives of the people of Haiti in the communities we serve.

Hundreds of volunteers have joined us in Haiti to help complete projects such as building a school, building a dormitory, constructing a tilapia farm, building a basketball court and a soccer field, and constructing several greenhouses. Volunteers have also spent meaningful time in orphanages, elderly homes and medical clinics.

Poverty Resolutions’ trips to Haiti are not just about work, though. Our volunteers also experience the culture and interact daily with the beautiful people of Haiti. You’ll live in quality accommodations with clean drinking water and enjoy three meals per day. There will also be opportunities to experience poverty and engage directly with Haitians connected to Poverty Resolutions and our projects.

All trips focus on one of Poverty Resolutions’ recent projects, which currently include building greenhouses and development/construction of the training center. There might be an opportunity to serve in an area more directly related to the skills and experience of a volunteer group. In the past, such opportunities have included working in a medical clinic, an elderly home and an orphanage. We also provide English language training, business training, school teacher training and pastor training, in addition to having many ongoing agricultural initiatives (gardens, tree plantings).