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English classes are a part of the Youth Development Program's curriculum

Residential Youth Program

The Residential Youth Program is housed in our Orphan & Family Care Center which is our most recent and largest project to date.

Understanding the Problem

Many young Haitian men and women find themselves without a job or a means of self-support. Orphanages will often release them by the age of 18. They have no marketable skills, no place to live and, often, no one to help them grow into responsible, mature adults. Ultimately, these young men and women will continue in a cycle of poverty and hopelessness unless provided a way to transition between orphanage care and independent living.

Resolving the Problem

We believe that personal mentoring, job training, and basic education in business and general life skills can provide hope and a way to support oneself for these youth. This is the foundation for our Residential Youth Program. The program will provide: an education, housing, meals, clothing, vocational skills training, English language instruction, education in basic business and personal finance, and, ultimately, a microfinance loan for them to start their own business and transition to a fully independent life. We will also provide mentorship and a support system designed to connect participants with their community for business networking opportunities and for opportunities to give back once they are more established.

Instruction areas might include the following:

  • Small engine repair (for motorcycles/motorbikes)
  • Barber skills
  • Greenhouse (gardening/farming)
  • Welding
  • Sewing/tailoring
  • Carpentry
  • Computers
  • Masonry
  • Culinary

Residential Youth Program participants attend devotions each morning with all of the Poverty Resolutions employees. House devotions are also held at 7pm daily, and the youth take turns leading the Bible verse for the group each night. During times of worship, they all enjoy singing together and have quite a harmony going!

Youth accepted into the Residential Youth Program will have the opportunity to live as part of the community for 1 – 6 years, depending on individual goals, personal growth and maturity, and their readiness for independent living and ability to provide for themselves and their family.


Key Areas of Need

  • Sponsors for the youth enrolled in the Residential YouthProgram. E-mail [email protected] to find out more!
  • Skilled men & women who are willing to come to Haiti to spend time training the youth in their particular area of expertise

Olson currently lives in Arcahaie at our Orphan & Family Care Center. His father passed away and he has 5 brothers and 5 sisters. His mother is unable to care for him, nor does he have any other family to help him.

He is the youngest boy in our Residentail Youth Program. Currently in 5th grade, Olson aspires to be a doctor or an engineer when he grows up. He is a huge help around the compound, cleaning the upstairs of the house, looking after Samuel’s pigs, and watering the flowers with Bobby. Olson has a gentle soul and loves Jesus with all his heart!