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Join Us For Poverty Resolutions' first-ever Women's Advocacy Trip - March 2nd - 5th
Tell all your friends; let's work together to make an impact!
Purpose: To experience & learn what is going on in Haiti, and come home with a passion for sharing and affecting change. It is our prayer that God will permanently change our hearts through the experience.
Some things we hope to do:
Get excited about what Poverty Resolutions is doing in Haiti and come back as advocates for the people of Haiti; specifically for the Child Development Program and the Youth Development Program. Participate in the work being done by meeting the children and returning as a voice for them at local church events, in small group Bible studies, at soccer games and around your neighborhoods. Gather and bring supplies needed for the Child Development Program. Help with a Feeding Program in Haiti and visit a children's hospital.

Poverty Resolutions is a nonprofit organization committed to working toward the eradication of poverty and the infusion of hope.


Educational presentations about worldwide poverty to thousands of students each year.


Visit Haiti with us on a volunteer trip or support our current projects.


Learn about what sustainable projects have been accomplished and what we're currently working on.


Join the hundreds of volunteers that have traveled with us to Haiti. A single week has the power to change your life and an entire community.

Hope Remains

Since the 2010 earthquake, the lives of millions of Haitians have been transformed by several global outreaches, but there is still much work to be done.

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